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[DEPRECATED] Cosecha de hienas

Esta misión fue marcada como obsoleta por Blizzard y no puede ser obtenida o completada.
Use Sullah's Hyena Trap to capture 5 Bloodsnarl Hyenas.
Hiena capturada (5)
Objeto provisto:
Trampa para hienas de Sullah


Look, <nombre>!

I have taken your bait and fashioned traps that will be most useful in your next task.

Far to the southeast of here run a dangerous pack of Bloodsnarl Hyenas.

I am confident that they can be tamed and used to great effect in our performance.

Lay one of these next to them and they won't be able to resist it.

Then, once they're trapped, you just have to collect them and bring them back.

It works almost every time!


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