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[The Plight of the Worgen]

Esta misión fue marcada como obsoleta por Blizzard y no puede ser obtenida o completada.
[Obtain 6 Soothpetal Flowers and 8 Frog Eyes and bring them to Tess Greymane in Twilight Glade.]
Flor calmapétalo (6)
Ojo de rana (8)


[King Greymane, my father, has fallen ill! Every day he's worse, losing control over his mind, becoming... feral. He's bedridden in Stormwind as we speak, and he isn't the only one.

Krennan Aranas found what he thought might be the cure in Outland, but it was corrupted beyond recognition. I need to find the cure before he loses every bit of his humanity!

Hemma, one of my guards, is sick as well. I need you to collect some soothpetal flowers and frog eyes. We have to try something.]


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