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[Pearing It Up]

Esta misión fue marcada como obsoleta por Blizzard y no puede ser obtenida o completada.
[Destroy 10 Sugar Pears.

If you lose your disguise, kill Sargerei enemies to collect a Sargerei Cowl, Sargerei Robe, and Sargerei Slippers to create a Sargerei Disguise.]
[Sugar Pears destroyed] (10)


[While you do Zamaya's work to earn her favor, we will secretly be sabotaging the Sargerei operation.

In the forests to the northwest, the podlings have gathered stolen pears from the farms. The little pests go crazy for the stuff.

The pears also happen to be a main food source for the Sargerei, so naturally, we're going to destroy the harvest.

That should take care of the podlings AND the draenei at the same time.]



Recibirás: 15 40


Cuando completes esta misión ganarás:
  • 15,070 experiencia

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