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Historial de cambios para "Arms Warrior Mythic+ Guide - Battle for Azeroth 8.1.5"

  • 14/04/2019 a las 16:08: KR third boss fix. Por Crypticzz
  • 21/03/2019 a las 10:45: Reviewed for Patch 8.1.5. Por Wowhead
  • 08/02/2019 a las 04:23: added Motherload changes (addition to skip and refrence to infested did not save the first time) Por Crypticzz
  • 08/02/2019 a las 00:54: added suggested weakaura section Por Crypticzz
  • 07/02/2019 a las 23:44: updated azerite and reaping edit Por Crypticzz
  • 05/02/2019 a las 07:33: Adjusted talents, added some extra stuff for dungeons such as skips ml/shrine. Added reaping. Changed maximizing damage section to fit with non-infested affix. Fixed talent page link. Por Crypticzz
  • 01/02/2019 a las 15:58: Modificación menor Por Squishei
  • Estado cambiado a Aprobado: 01/02/2019 a las 15:58