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[A Valuable Find: Halls of Atonement]

[Obtain the Golden Orb of Energy from Lord Chamberlain in the Halls of Atonement.]
Orbe dorado de energía


[The aristocracy of Revendreth trade in decadent and priceless shows of status with one another, but rarely with our kind. Often they will travel with a piece or two affixed to their garb as a show of status. Now, many of their kind have sided with Sire Denathrius and against the denizens of the Shadowlands. They must, of course, be stopped. Of course. Yet should you, in the process of doing so, relieve them of some of these possessions, know that I will trade generously.]


Podrás elegir una de estas recompensas:
Tejefronda de sílfide intrincada Defensor kyriano venerable
Huesoja maldraxxi historiada Reliquia venthyr antigua
También recibirás:
Receptáculo para trueques de cártel


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